Municipality of the County of Inverness
Bulky garbage infographic: maximum 20 items per address, and 35 kg per item

Bulky garbage collection guidelines

Download a pdf of bulky garbage guidelines


  • Monday, May 13 to Friday May 18 2024
  • The collection may not occur on your regular collection day
  • Place all bulky items curbside by 7 am on Monday, May 13. No late pickups!
  • It can go out as early as May 11, 2024

What’s accepted

Household waste only. No regular garbage bag items, please.


  • Maximum of 20 items per household
  • Each item can weigh up to 75lb / 35 kg
  • Only household waste accepted
  • If it fits in a standard garbage bag, use regular collection

What to avoid

  • No regular garbage bag items
  • Do not block your garbage bin for regular collection (two separate collections)
  • No construction materials, hazardous waste, propane tanks, paint, tires, electronics, or clothing

Prep tips

  • Cover items prone to getting soggy
  • Place items no more than 10 ft from the road
  • Don’t place items on trailers/trucks
  • Take out propane tanks from barbeques
  • Remove oil/gasoline from small engines such as lawn mowers, generators, rotor tillers, etc

Items not accepted for bulky garbage collection

  • Construction materials | Bring these to Kenloch Waste Management Facility
  • Household hazardous waste | Bring to residential household hazardous waste drop offs. Next date: Saturday, June 8, 10 am-noon in the parking lot of the Mabou Firehall and St. Joseph du Moine Firehall
  • Propane tanks | These are household hazardous waste – see above
  • Paint | Take leftover paint and empty paint containers to select Enviro-Depots or to Kenloch Waste Management Facility
  • Regular recyclables | Place recyclables in a blue bag and place them curbside for your regular collection. There is no limit to the number of recycle bags that will be collected per household per week
  • Vehicle tires/parts | Return these to retailers
  • Electronics including televisions and computers | Bring these to Strathlorne municipal recycling facility
  • Clothing | Consider donating. Remember that natural fibres like cotton and wool are compostable
  • Leaf/yard waste | Backyard compost
  • Fishing gear | Bring these to Kenloch Waste Management Facility subject to a tipping fee


Call 1-866-258-0223 toll free, or for more information on waste management in the Municipality of Inverness County, visit


Bulky garbage infographic: maximum 20 items per address, and 35 kg per item

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