Municipality of the County of Inverness
Municipal councillors with local MP and MLA at Inverness Fire Hall after a funding announcement was made

Complete streets: Active transportation is coming to Inverness

Inverness, Nova Scotia, March 12, 2024 — A network of new trails and reconstructed sidewalks will be established in Inverness after a combined investment of $14 million from the federal and provincial governments, and the Municipality of the County of Inverness.

Municipal councillors with local MP and MLA at Inverness Fire Hall after a funding announcement was made

Municipal councillors with Mike Kelloway MP and Hon Allan MacMaster MLA

Announced by Parliamentary Secretary Mike Kelloway, Minister Allan MacMaster, and Warden Bonny MacIsaac, this project will give residents more options for walking and cycling while reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the community.

Inverness will get 2.97 kilometres of new multi-use pathways and trails. Additionally, 3.7 kilometres of sidewalks will be built or reconstructed along Central Avenue and Veteran’s Memorial Court. Once complete, this project will improve cyclist and pedestrian safety and increase the connectivity and walkability of Inverness.

“Today’s announcement is another massive boost for the economic development of the municipality,” said Warden Bonny MacIsaac.

Several people on the sidewalk in Inverness, NS on a foggy day.

Central Avenue, Inverness, is one of the roadways which will benefit from refurbishment under the active transportation project

“A total of $14 million is being invested by the three levels of government, to create an active transportation network promoting healthier, more economical and more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. It will make this community an even more inviting place to live, work and do business,” she said.

Active transportation is about decreasing the need to rely on personal motor vehicles by increasing opportunities and incentives for people to choose other modes of transport. Pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and public transit users all benefit from a ‘complete streets’ approach to infrastructure planning.

Complete streets are roadways designed to enable safe, convenient, and comfortable travel for all users. They feature elements such as sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks that prioritize the needs of non-motorized transport alongside those of motorists.

A crowd gathered to hear a funding announcement at Inverness Fire Hall

A large crowd gathered to hear the good news

This approach to community infrastructure planning allows people to get their daily exercise on the way to work, school, or gatherings, while promoting social equity among vulnerable communities and reducing the carbon footprint from motorized transport.

A woman holds a young child as they listen to a speaker (out of shot)

Complete streets contribute to a healthier, more livable communities for current and future generations

In addition, the Inverness Active Transportation Network project foresees the installation of amenities such as bike parking, benches and picnic seating, improvements to multi-use trails and recycling/waste receptacles. All of this is designed to create a more inviting and accessible community at the human scale, while fostering civic pride, social engagement and economic activity.

The Inverness Active Transportation Network project addresses multiple societal challenges. It is fully aligned with federal and provincial objectives to increase access to clean energy transportation and build connected, resilient, and equitable communities.

The project will support economic development in Inverness County by enhancing community connectivity and elevating the image of Inverness, to reflect its commitment to sustainability, inclusivity and prosperity.

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Government of Canada press release on this announcement


Municipal councillors with local MP and MLA at Inverness Fire Hall after a funding announcement was made

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