Municipality of the County of Inverness

Deputy Warden Bonny MacIsaac

I am a mother of four, grandmother to three, a proud military mom.  I have always been an active member of numerous community committees as I believe not only is the volunteer the lifeblood of an organization but of our small communities.

I have an extensive background in dealing with the public. My list of involvements is numerous, here are some of the highlights: The first female firefighter on the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department (13 years). Vice President of the Inverness Development Association for 8 years. Secretary for Inverness’ 100th Anniversary Committee and helped organise events and raise funds that were distributed to community groups afterwards. Member of the R.C.M.P. Advisory Board for Inverness District. I was on the original committee and trained to bring LifeFlight to our area, which has since saved numerous lives! Breaking the Silence – Suicide Prevention, educating the public and trying to improve the awareness of mental health concerns throughout the general public. In 2005, I developed and presented a program geared towards Junior and Senior High School students on Depression, Schizophrenia and Suicide Prevention. I will always provide a listening ear to those that need it.

I have always believed it is important for our elected officials to  promote physical and mental health wellness to their citizens. I have in the past two decades been recognised both provincially and nationally for my work on smoking prevention. I was an Ambassador for The Better Choice Challenge with CBC’s Steven and Chris, again being recognised for encouraging mental, physical and financial wellbeing of consumers in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

I am the National Founder of Tar Wars Canada, a smoking prevention program for children. After seeing the results this program had,  I volunteered to bring it to Canada. The American Academy of Family Physicians in Washington, D.C. granted me permission to adapt their program so I could deliver it to our youth. In turn it made a great program better and targeted a wider age group than 12 year olds.  It has been presented across Canada with various health boards – including with McGill University medical residents. Our local Health Board funded the program and I presented it to students across Cape Breton. UCCB, now Cape Breton University in Sydney had also employed me to give the program to their mature students. I also did nutrition and budgeting programs for them when requested. As well as sun sense to our school aged children.

I worked with special needs children for just over two decades. I see the challenges faced in our communities on many levels. I am an award winning consumer columnist/advocate and a former national radio columnist. For over twenty five years I have informed and helped consumers through a weekly column with the Inverness Oran.

These days I have been enjoying being involved with Cape Breton Film in hopes of attracting the industry and it’s spin-offs to our area. Tourism to our area is another passion. I believe that we can make Inverness County a year round destination. I am working on opening a Spiritual Lending Library. Another personal project is my relentless effort to verify the sanctity of Rev. Father Archie MacLellan.

I have been involved in politics longer than I can remember, over 40 years! I have held several volunteer positions on the Inverness PC Association during Former Premier and Inverness MLA Rodney MacDonald’s time in office and as well our current MLA Allan MacMaster. In 2012, I became President, which I stepped aside from in 2019. I have been recognised locally and on a provincial level for my involvement. It has given me a good knowledge of government regulations and programs.

I care about our community and the value good government can bring to my fellow citizens. And, it starts with your local councillor.  We need strong leadership especially with the challenges that COVID-19 has added to our daily lives.

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