Municipality of the County of Inverness

Fall 2021 Heavy Garbage Schedule

Garbage Collection Routes

Please note changes this season:

Week of November 1 – Central Inverness

Communities and areas surrounding: Dunvegan, Inverness, Strathlorne, Mabou, Port Hood, Judique North, Shore Rd, West Mabou, Colindale, Black River, Mabou Harbour, Glencoe Station, Mabou Ridge, East and West Lake Ainslie, Whycocomagh, Little Narrows Road

Your collection will be on your regular collection day.


 Week of November 8 – North Inverness
Communities and areas surrounding: Pleasant Bay, Margaree, Scottsville, Chéticamp Island, Chéticamp, Grand Étang, St-Joseph-du-Moine, Belle Cote

Your collection will be on your regular collection day.


Week of November 15 – South Inverness

Communities and areas surrounding: Highway 19 Judique North to Port Hastings, Port Hastings, Hillsdale, Highway 105 Port Hastings to Cleveland, North and South Side River Denys, Crandall Rd, Marble Mountain, Orangedale, Iona, Alba, Portage Rd.


Please note: There will be no recycling pickup during your heavy garbage week.

Important reminders:

  • Items small enough for regular collection should not be placed with heavy garbage.
  • Streets and roads will only be visited
  • No more than 20 ITEMS per household. For example, an item could be a bag, box or appliance.
  • Collectors ARE NOT responsible for cleaning up small debris that may remain following collection.
  • Items must be left curbside no more than 10 feet from the road.
  • It is recommended doors on a refrigerator and a deep freezer be removed and placed next to the refrigerator or deep freezer curbside.
  • Residents ARE RESPONSIBLE for removing all items not accepted for heavy garbage collection from the curb.
  • Material such as mattresses, couches, chairs need to be covered.
  • Staff will not remove items from trailers or trucks.
  • Please DO NOT keep important or valuable items not intended for collection near your heavy garbage pile.  Items mistakenly taken during this collection are not the responsibility of the Municipality.

Items Not for Heavy Collection:

  • Any single item weighing greater than seventy-five (75lbs) pounds. 
  • Vehicle tires or automobile parts. Used tires must be returned to a tire retailer for disposal.
  • Televisions, computers, and other electronics must be returned to Strathlorne Recycling.
  • Paint is to be disposed of at the ENVIRO-DEPOT.
  • Clothing not accepted.
  • Leaf or yard waste.
  • Fishing rope, netting and traps.
  • Material will not be picked up if it is wet and/or dangerous.
  • Construction & demolition materials like siding, windows, gyprock, shingles, etc.

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