Municipality of the County of Inverness

Low Income Tax Exemption

Low Income property owners may be granted a yearly reduction of $150.00 subject to the following conditions:

  1. Legal title to the property resides with the taxpayer.
  2. The exemption shall only apply to owners who occupy the property as that owner’s principal residence.
  3. Exemption shall not be granted to any account showing arrears.
  4. The taxpayer is a full-time resident of the above noted property.
  5. An application form must be completed and processed for each year.
  6. Applicant must not be eligible for any other rebate program.
  7. The maximum taxable household income shall not exceed $24,999.00.

As all low income residents are eligible for the GST Rebate, a Federal Income Tax Return must be filed annually. Documentation for proof of income is required for all persons living in the household. A copy of each of their most recent Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada is to be attached to the application. (Income Tax Returns/T4 slips alone will not be accepted).

Please note that all information provided by applicants is privileged and confidential and will be destroyed once the application is processed.

An application form duly completed and sworn or affirmed to must be submitted on or before March 31st for processing in the then current taxation year. (Exemptions are granted only for the current year. No retroactive exemption will be granted.)

Click here to download the application.