Municipality of the County of Inverness

Waste Management

Inverness County is celebrating 20 years of recycling.

Let’s continue to do our part for the environment today and everyday.

Any questions or concerns contact the Public Works Dept. at 902-787-3503.

Blue Bags and Composting

Residential waste can be separated into four separate waste streams:

  1. recyclable containers
  2. paper products
  3. compostable materials
  4. regular refuse for disposal

Download Residential Sort Sheet

Enviro Depots

You are encouraged to bring redeemable beverage containers to your local enviro-depot for a refund. There are no refunds available when using the blue bag program. Call the depot nearest you for their hours of operation. Please note that these depots are privately owned and maintained.

Cormier's Bottle Exchange, Cheticamp, 224-1972
Inverness Enviro-Depot, Inverness, 258-3225
Admiral Enviro-Depot, Port Hood, 787-3494

Backyard Composting is also Recycling

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors have their food waste taken away by a private hauler to the Kenloch Waste Management Facility. Residential composting is not collected roadside in Inverness County. Residents should be using a backyard composter of some sort so there is very little food waste going in their regular garbage. Composting takes very little effort, just a slight change in some of our daily habits. The more we keep out of the landfill the less leachate (liquid created when food waste comes into contact with water) is formed. Keeping organics out of landfills is one way to reduce environmental risks.

Kenloch Waste Management Facility

Address: 420 West Lake Ainslie Road
Phone: 902-258-3646
Fax: 902-787-3503
8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday
8:30am - Noon on Saturday
Closed Sundays and Holiday

Did You Know?

  • Our collection trucks are split for garbage and blue bag recycling. Please make sure you sort properly so your material is recycled and not landfilled.
  • Beverage containers can be returned to the Enviro Depot for refund in Cheticamp 224-1972, Strathlorne 258-3225 and Port Hood 787-3494. Please call ahead for hours of operation. These depots are all privately owned and operated.
  • Paint cans containing paint go back to the Enviro Depot (locations & phone numbers listed above) anytime. Empty paint cans go to regular garbage anytime.
  • Our municipal recycling facility located at 15109 Hwy 19 accepts electronics everyday except Sundays & Holidays- Monday to Friday from 7-4 and Saturdays 8-12.
  • Tires can be left at the retailer when buying new ones. Please note there is a fee on your new tires.• Textiles should be deposited in a bin near you for charity.
  • Household hazardous waste is collected at an annual event in the fall of the year. This includes, but is not limited to, compact fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, varnish, etc. This year’s event will take place on September 12 with the location to be announced at a later date.
  • Medical waste should be placed in a yellow container provided by your local pharmacy for syringes, needles, unused or outdated medicines. These containers can be returned to the pharmacy for disposal. Do not place syringes or needles in pop or laundry detergent bottles for the safety of our staff.
  • The following dates are holidays for collection throughout 2017: February 20, April 14 & 17, November 13, December 25 & 26. This means your collection will take place the following week.
  • The following dates are not holidays for regular collection in 2017: May 22, July 1, August 7, September 4, October 9. January 1 2018 will be a regular collection day as well. The Kenloch Waste Management Facility and the Municipal Recycling Facility will be closed on all holidays.
  • Other dates to keep in mind throughout 2017: Earth Day April 22, Compost Awareness Week May 7-13, Environment Week June 5-11, Waste Reduction Week October 16-22
  • Our spring and fall clean up weeks will be set by council in May and October. You can contact us after the first Monday for confirmed dates.