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Missed collection call 888-863-1744

Other questions reach us at 866-258-0223

Electronics recycling

View or download the new provincial regulations for recycling electronics. The regulations are valid as of June 1, 2024.

You can drop off your electronics for recycling at the municipal recycling facility in Strathlorne.
Electronics accepted include televisions and monitors, telephones and cellular devices, printers, computers, and more.
For a complete list, please visit

Residential sort sheet

Download the current residential sort sheet to be sure you are disposing of household waste properly. Available in English, French and Mi’kmaq and Gaelic.

English version | Residential sort sheet [pdf]

French version | Residential sort sheet [pdf]

Mi’kmaq version | Residential sort sheet [pdf]

Gaelic version | Residential sort sheet [pdf]

Trash container stickers

Download and print these trash container labels. Stick them to the appropriate container to help you sort your trash. Help divert more waste out of landfill and into the right waste management stream.

Backyard composting

Backyard composting is also recycling! Industrial, commercial and institutional sectors have their food waste taken away by a private hauler to the Kenloch Waste Management Facility.

Residential composting is not collected roadside in Inverness County. Residents should be using a backyard composter of some sort so there is very little food waste going in their regular garbage.

Composting takes very little effort, just a slight change in some of our daily habits. The more we keep out of the landfill the less leachate (liquid created when food waste comes into contact with water) is formed. Keeping organics out of landfills is one way to reduce environmental risks.

Municipal Recycling Facility

Address: 15109 Route 19, Strathlorne
Monday to Friday: 7am – 4pm (closed between noon and 1pm)
Saturday: 7am – Noon
Closed Sundays and holidays

Kenloch Waste Management Facility

Address: 420 West Lake Ainslie Road
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – Noon
Closed Sundays and holidays

Tipping Fees

Mixed load $75/mt & $30/mt.