Municipality of the County of Inverness

Updated Solid Waste Collection Schedule for Jan 10th – 16th 2020

Notice for all residents / Avis pour tous les résidents

Below is an updated solid waste collection schedule for the coming week, barring further severe weather events and mechanical issues. The Municipality would also like to remind residents that if their garbage boxes are not cleared of snow or ice, operators will be unable to collect their bags. Please ensure your garbage box is not frozen shut or too heavy to lift prior to collection.

If you’re unsure which route is your residence’s, visit:

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un calendrier de collecte des déchets solides mis à jour pour la semaine à venir, à moins que d’autres événements météorologiques et problèmes mécaniques ne surviennent.  La municipalité tient également à rappeler aux résidents que si leurs boîtes à ordures ne sont pas déneigées ou déglacées, les opérateurs ne pourront pas ramasser leurs sacs.  Veuillez vous assurer que votre boîte à ordures n’est pas gelée ou trop lourde pour lever avant la collecte.

Si vous n’êtes pas certain quelle route est la vôtre, visitez :


Friday, Jan 10 – Thursday and Friday’s collection
Le vendredi 10 janvier – Collection de jeudi et vendredi

Saturday, Jan 11 – Thursday and Friday’s collection
Le samedi 11 janvier – Collection de jeudi et vendredi

Wednesday, Jan 15 – Double collection from previous Wednesday
Le mercredi 15 janvier – Collection double du mercredi précédent


Friday, Jan 10 – Regular collection plus Hunters Rd, Rocky Ridge Rd, Glenora Falls & Murphy’s Hill
Le vendredi 10 janvier – Collection régulière plus Hunters Rd, Rocky Ridge Rd, Glenora Falls et Murphy’s Hill

Saturday, Jan 11 – Thursday’s collection
Le Samedi 11 janvier – Collection de jeudi

Wednesday, Jan 15 – Double collection from previous Wednesday
Le mercredi 15 janvier – Collection double du mercredi précédent


Friday, Jan 10 – Wednesday’s collection
Le vendredi 10 janvier – Collection de mercredi

Saturday, Jan 11 – Tuesday’s collection
Le samedi 11 janvier – Collection du mardi

Thursday, Jan 16 – Double collection from previous Thursday
Le jeudi 16 janvier – Collection double du jeudi precedent

2019 Fall Heavy Garbage Pickup Schedule

Download here or view below.

Residential Heavy Garbage Pickup

Important Reminders:

  • Streets and roads will only be visited
  • No more than 20 ITEMS per household. For example, an item could be a bag, box or appliance.
  • Collectors ARE NOT responsible for cleaning up small debris that may remain following collection.
  • Any material that has been placed curbside AFTER resident’s regular collection day will not be collected.
  • Items must be left curbside; no more than 10 feet from the road.
  • It is recommended doors on a refrigerator and a deep freezer is removed and placed next to the refrigerator or deep freezer curbside.
  • Residents ARE RESPONSIBLE for removing all items not accepted for heavy garbage collection from the curb.
  • Fishing gear (ropes & netting) must be bagged.
  • Material should be placed curbside NO EARLIER THAN TWO DAY PRIOR to resident’s regular collection day.
  • Material such as mattresses, couches, chairs need to be covered.
  • Staff will not remove items from trailers or trucks.
  • Please DO NOT keep important or valuable items not intended for collection near your heavy garbage pile.  Items mistakenly taken during this collection are not the responsibility of the Department of Infrastructure and Emergency Services.

 Items Not For Heavy Collection:

  • Any single item weighing greater than seventy-five (75lbs) pounds.
  • Vehicle tires or automobile parts. Used tires that are clean and off rims can be returned to the Kenloch Transfer Station.
  • Televisions, computers and other electronics.
  • Paint is to be disposed of at the ENVIRO-DEPOT. Paint must be in its original container, tightly sealed with the labels affixed.
  • Clothing – Please donate.
  • Leaf or Yard Waste.
  • Blue bags will NOT be collected during this week.
  • Material will be left if it is wet and/or placed curbside longer than 2 days prior to collection day.
  • Construction & Demolition materials – siding, windows, gyprock, shingles, etc.

Garbage Collection Routes

Weekly Pickup


Week of October 21st  – South Inverness

Monday: Route 19 (Judique North to Creignish) Hillsdale, Centennial, Chisholm Rd., MacLean Rd., Route 19 (Creignish to Port Hastings) General Line

Tuesday: Princeville, Long Stretch Rd., Pleasant Hill, Charles MacLean Rd., Route 19 (Cleveland to Port Hawkesbury),  S.S. River Denys, Crandall Rd., West Bay Rd.

Wednesday: Port Hastings, TCH (Port Hastings to Orangedale Rd.), Maclntyre Mtn. Rd.

Thursday: West Bay, Marble Mtn., Orangedale, Alba


Week of October 28th  – Central Inverness

Monday: Inverness, Foot Cape, Broad Cove Banks, Strathlorne

Tuesday: Port Hood, Route 19 (Mabou to Judique North), Shore Road (Port Hood to Judique), West Mabou to Carmen Campbell’s (Hunters Rd)

Wednesday: Inverness to Dunvegan, East and West Lake Ainslie

Thursday: Whycocomagh, TCH to County line, Little Narrows Road, Whycocomagh to Mabou, West Mabou Colindale, Black River

Friday: Mabou, Mabou Harbour, Glencoe Station, Glencoe Mills, Mabou Ridge


Week of November 4th  – North Inverness

Monday: Shore Road, Margaree Harbour-Dunvegan-Margaree Forks, S.W. Margaree to Scotsville

Tuesday: Margaree Forks to County Line, Egypt Rd. Margaree Valley, Margaree Center, Big Intervale

Wednesday: Chéticamp Island, Grand Étang, St.-Joseph-du-Moine, Belle Cote, E. Margaree

Thursday: Petit Étang, Belle Marche, Plateau

Friday: Chéticamp, Pleasant Bay