Municipality of the County of Inverness

Volunteer Recognition 2021: Andrew Clarey

Congratulations, Andrew Clarey!

Trina Clarey is happy to nominate Andrew Clarey for the wonderful job he has done running the Margaree Cat Rescue.

Margaree Cat Rescue was voluntarily started in an effort to control the vast amount of stray cat colonies in the Margaree Area. For over six years Andrew Clarey has rescued and re-homed hundreds of cats/kittens from all over Inverness County and into Middle River.

With the belief that many stray cats and kittens are innocent creatures who were abandoned or abused and are worthy of a loving home, Andrew began trapping and catching these stray animals. Once caught, he brings them home where they are kept indoors, fed, socialized, and given attention and love. All cats visit the vet to be checked out, spayed/neutered, and then kept in Andrew’s home until a nurturing forever home is found for them.
Through his hard work and perseverance and many hours of volunteer time, Andrew has successfully eliminated a large number of cat colonies in Margaree and surrounding area.

Congratulations, Andrew!

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