Municipality of the County of Inverness

Volunteer Recognition 2021: Charlene Clarke

Congratulations, Charlene Clarke!

Everyone at Mill Road Social Enterprises in Inverness is extremely excited to extend a huge THANK YOU to Charlene Clarke and to recognize her as their 2021 Volunteer.

Charlene is a person who goes the extra mile, always willing to take the task at hand a step further. She is one of the volunteers who makes the Inverness Chase the Ace a success. She videotapes the event every Saturday night, sells lots of tickets, makes people feel welcome, and she has a smile and a laugh that are infectious.

Charlene recently joined the Mill Road Social Enterprises fundraising committee. She brings great ideas, positive energy, and an infectious “yes we can” attitude to every meeting.

Charlene Clarke is a volunteer who successfully fulfills her commitments while making others feel good. She is a bright light and we deeply appreciate everything she does. Thank you, Charlene for giving so freely of your time and talents. Congratulations!

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