Municipality of the County of Inverness

Volunteer Recognition 2021: Stephen MacMillan

Join the Municipality of the County of Inverness in thanking the County’s volunteers! This week, the featured volunteer is Stephen MacMillan, who also will be the Municipality’s representative at the Provincial Volunteer Awards that is taking place in September.

Stephen MacMillan
Glencoe Station Recreation Association

The Glencoe Station Recreation Association is pleased to nominate Stephen Mac Millan as their 2021 Volunteer.

Stephen has been an active member of our association since he moved home from Boston, Massachusetts with his family in 1998. Along with his business, Dancer’s Flooring and Stairs, Stephen’s other main passion has been the Glencoe Station Hall.

Stephen is currently going in to his third year as president of the association. His strong focus and commitment to upgrading the hall to the highest of energy efficiency is greatly appreciated by all members.

Stephen is always dependable in every aspect of what it takes to keep an organization active. His good nature and leadership skills have sparked interest with the younger generation to join and become active within the organization. Stephen appreciates and understands the importance of our younger generation’s involvement at this present time as well as into the future.

Stephen is a great asset to our organization, and we congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition!

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