Municipality of the County of Inverness

Volunteer Recognition 2021: Wilson Cameron

Congratulations, Wilson Cameron!
Five separate groups maintain the beautiful Celtic Shores Coastal Trail from Port Hastings to Inverness. The Ceilidh Coastal Trail Association is proud to nominate Wilson Cameron as our 2021 volunteer of the year.
Wilson has been forefront in developing and maintaining the trail since its inception. He is a very thorough and conscientious volunteer. He organizes and implements every manner of work required on our trail. He ensures equipment is always in good order, often taking on major repairs at his home. Wilson is the dedicated secretary/treasurer for our group, a time consuming and demanding position. He has also been long time secretary for the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail Association, and the Inverness County Trails Federation as well as secretary/treasurer for the Cape Nova Rifle & Revolver Club.
Wilson’s dedication far exceeds what could be expected of a volunteer. Our association owes him a great debt.
Congratulations, Wilson!

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