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Inverness County
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Inverness County is located on Cape Breton’s western coast and is home to part of the world famous Cabot Trail. Inverness County has a diversified economy based on traditional sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, cultural industries and forestry while also experiencing growth in innovation based businesses and world-class tourism experiences.

Inverness County’s economy is defined by its entrepreneurs and small business community. Over half of the county’s 1,056 businesses are self-employed entrepreneurs making Inverness a great place for any small business.

Cape Breton Partnership

The Cape Breton Partnership, through the Regional Enterprise Network (REN) carries out economic development activities on behalf of the Municipality of the County of Inverness and is a one-stop shop to connect companies and entrepreneurs from any industry or sector to the supports they need to succeed. Whether it’s support for entrepreneurs starting or growing a business, training, export, networking, immigration, investment attraction initiatives and more - the Cape Breton Partnership can help.

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Strategic Location

Inverness County’s location along the northwestern part of Cape Breton Island provides easy access to both Halifax and Moncton, two of the largest consumer markets in Atlantic Canada. The county is connected by Highway 105 the Trans-Canada Highway placing the county on a direct route between the Canso Causeway and the Town of Sydney.

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Labour Force

Inverness County is home to a population of 18,162 where the average age of residents is 44. With over 27% of its population under the age of 25 and almost 20% between the ages of 25 and 44 Inverness County has the workforce required by businesses looking to invest in the area or for businesses looking to grow.

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Key Industries

Inverness County’s unique geography makes it the perfect location for agriculture sector-based businesses and those looking to take advantage of the region’s strong fishing and tourism industry. Perhaps the greatest strength is the community’s entrepreneurial spirit. Over half of all the businesses in the county are small business operators. Any new business looking to establish itself in the county will find itself in good company.

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Business Resources

Businesses and companies looking to either locate or start up in Inverness County have access to a suite of resources and programs that will provide them with the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

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