Municipality of the County of Inverness

February Tax Sale to be by Tender Process

January 8th, 2020

February Tax Sale to be by Tender Process

PORT HOOD, N.S. – The Municipality of the County of Inverness’ first tax sale of the year will be conducted via a closed tender process. This decision was made by Council in concertation with Municipal staff to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and to follow provincial public health gathering guidelines.

Tenders will be accepted until 2:00 pm Atlantic Standard Time on Friday, February 5th.

Instructions on the tender process and the list of properties up for sale are available at For more information on available properties or questions regarding the process, please call 902-787-3510 or email



Media contact:

Karolyn Aucoin

Communications & Community Engagement Specialist

Municipality of the County of Inverness



PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that an amendment to:

By-Law 30: Capital Cost of Sewer and Water

was adopted by Council of th Municipality of the County of Inverness on December 3, 2020.

By-Law 30: Capital Cost of Sewer and Water was amendedby adding Section 14 (m), which reads:

In the area served by the Inverness Sewer and Water System, namely Silverwood Lane,  the frontage rate is hereby set at $47.77 per lineal foot for sewer and water.”

The purpose of this amendment is to include the frontage rate for municipal sewer and water in the area of Silverwood Lane.

The text of the amended By-Law 30: Capital Cost of Sewer and Water, can be viewed online by clicking here or at the office of the Municipality of the County of Inverness, 375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

If you have any further questions, please call 902-787-3500.

Canada’s Musical Coast to Celebrate Sounds of the Season

Cape Breton, N.S. – In partnership with Destination Cape Breton Association and Celtic Heart of North America, Canada’s Musical Coast will be presenting a series of videos featuring local artists during the holiday season.

This video series, called Sounds of the Season, will showcase Cape Breton – Unama’ki musicians playing their favourite Christmas songs in their style. It was inspired by the success of Canada’s Musical Coast’s Music Mondays video series from Summer 2020, where local artists shared their talent in iconic locations and hidden gems all around Inverness County.

“We know many people won’t be able to come home for the holidays this year,” said Donna MacDonald, Director of Tourism and Recreation for the Municipality of the County of Inverness. “With the help of local artists, we hope to bring a little bit of home to those folks instead.”

The songs featured in Sounds of the Season will bring a new, uniquely Cape Breton – Unama’ki twist to old classics – and may even feature an original song or two. Beginning December 12th, a video will be posted daily to the following Facebook pages: Canada’s Musical Coast, Visit Cape Breton and Celtic Heart of North America.

Report on Municipal Election


To:          Council of the Municipality of the County of Inverness

From:    Dernie Gillis, Chief Returning Officer for the Municipality of the County of Inverness

Date:     November 19, 2020

Re:         Report on Municipal Election for the Municipality of the County of Inverness, held October 17, 2020

I begin by expressing my sincere appreciation to Keith MacDonald, CAO, Tanya Tibbo, Director of Finance, and their very competent and extremely generous staff for their guidance and support during the election. Thank you.

The election itself, as I see it, has three main components: 1. The Electorate; 2. Competent Poll Workers; 3. Suitable Venues in which to work.

This year we had a notable opponent in COVID-19, which threatened to destabilize our election. How we addressed that was all important as well.

The “Electorate” is contained in the preliminary list, as was supplied to us, and updated to June 30th, 2020 by Elections Nova Scotia (“ENS”). From that list we may create a revised list for our use. We cannot alter the preliminary list.

The revised list is graded by the number of voters who are added on Election Day. In our case, 60% or 6,600 total cast their ballots. This is an increase of 10% over previous years. Of that total, 215 were added on election day, or 3.3% of the total vote. These names are then attached to the preliminary list and returned to ENS.

At the provincial Returning Officer meeting on November 9, 2020, many asked the following question:

Why were there so many discrepancies in the preliminary list of electors provided by ENS?


  1. The Federal revised List was received by ENS in July, after our list was updated.
  2. Insufficient information received to warrant adding or removing electorate.

Electronic voting (e-voting) was implemented this year to help reduce traffic on October 17, 2020, Election Day. Records will show that this was accomplished by approximately 50%.

We still had to gain the confidence of our communities and assure them that it would be safe to come out to vote and/or work. The Electorate, polling day workers and venue operators were receptive providing we follow Provincial Health Protocols, including (1) Maximum number in venue at one time; (2) Social distancing; (3) Hand and venue sanitizing during the day; (4) One way traffic in and out. In addition, venues were rented for two days, Friday, October 16, 2020 for setup and Saturday, October 17, 2020 for Election Day.

RESULT: 131 Polling day workers were confirmed over 5 Districts, plus one Poll from District #2, for a total of 34 venues, housing a total of 42 Polls. Once we reached this milestone, early to mid September 2020, I felt confident we could do this. We just had to execute.

What followed were Seven training sessions, where workers were briefed on how to run a successful Election, during Covid-19. All materials required were provided during these sessions. Again, thanks to Municipal staff for tracking, purchasing and delivering on these supplies. In addition, A DRO/PC Election Day manual was included.

The daily rate for DRO’s was set at $175.00, while the PC and Guides/Sanitizers received $150.00. The hourly rate was $16.00.

From all reports, the election was a success. No one got sick and from a field of 19 candidates, the people elected or acclaimed 6 Councillors plus two French School Board Representatives (CSAP).


Dear Resident Families, Friends and Visitors to Inverary Manor

An open letter to Resident Families, Friends and Visitors to Inverary Manor   

November 18th, 2020

COVID-19 Cases in Central Zone (Halifax NS)

We have been closely following the recent rise in COVID-19 cases reported in the Halifax/Dartmouth area (Central Zone).   As we track this on-going situation, we continue to take guidance from Dr. Strang and the Public Health Office.  At this time we are not introducing any additional restrictions for visitors or staff at Inverary Manor.  Having re-introduced visitors to Inverary Manor and welcomed you back into our Home only several weeks ago, we do not desire to restrict access again, unless deemed necessary.

We are now receiving 95 visitors each week at Inverary Manor.  Our residents have benefited greatly from in-person contact with family and friends and all have enjoyed the opportunity to renew these important relationships.  As we approach the Christmas Holiday period, we want to ensure residents and family will continue to have access to in-person visits during this special time of year.

We are therefore soliciting the support of family, friends and the community at large to partner with us in being hyper vigilant during this time of year, especially visitors to Inverary Manor who may live in the Halifax area or who may be contemplating a trip to the Halifax area. You can help us keep our Home free of COVID-19 and our residents and staff safe from the COVID Virus by taking the following precautions in your community:

  • Wear a Mask when out in public places, especially indoor spaces
  • Practice Physical/Social Distancing (6 feet)
  • Wash Hands/Use Hand Sanitizer frequently. It’s a good idea to carry hand sanitizer or wipes with you when you go out in public spaces.  (Consider keeping both with you and/or in your vehicle and use after each interaction in a public place).
  • Avoid/Minimize close contact with anyone (outside your work) who is not in your “10 Person Bubble”.
  • Be aware of “Covid-19 Hot Spots” in Halifax/Dartmouth (if living or travelling there) and make every effort to avoid those areas or minimize contact in those areas.
  • Avoid close contact with friends whose activities and behavior may inadvertently increase their risks of becoming exposed to the COVID-19 Virus. (For example: a friend who has attended several large gatherings or does not regularly wear a mask).
  • Plan your Christmas/Holiday activities and celebrations so to minimize the number of people with whom you will have close in-person contact.

I want to take this opportunity to thank visitors to Inverary Manor for your adherence to the restrictions and guidelines and for making a positive difference in the lives of our residents and staff.  Together, we have worked diligently to avoid the impact of a COVID-19 outbreak at Inverary Manor.  We will need to continue our efforts for the next few months, to ensure we are not impacted by a “Second Wave”.  It will require our collective focus to be successful.   There is good news on the horizon; with the recent announcements of successful vaccine trials….so the light is now shining in the tunnel ….. Even though the end of the tunnel is not yet visible!



By-Law Amendment for the Municipality of the County of Inverness

Please take notice that Council of the  Municipality of the County of Inverness intends to consider and, if deemed advisable, to amend:

By-Law 30: Capital Cost of Sewer and Water

The amendment is to add Section 14 (m), which reads “In the area served by the Inverness Sewer and Water System, namely Silverwood Lane, the frontage rate is hereby set at $47.77 per lineal foot for sewer and water.”

A copy of the proposed by-law amendment can be inspected online by clicking this link or at the office of the
Municipality of the County of Inverness, 375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Written or oral presentations (in favour or opposition) to the by-law amendment can be made before Council at the Public Hearing to be held:

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
1:00 pm in Council Chambers
375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Please also take notice that the Public Hearing will be followed by a regular meeting of Municipal Council  at 1:30 pm on December 3rd, 2020 at the same location. Second Reading of this By-Law will be given at this time.

If you have any further questions, please call 902-787-3500.

Inverness County Council Elects New Warden & Deputy Warden

During the Municipality of the County of Inverness Special Council Meeting held Thursday, November 5, 2020 at the Judique Community Hall, three new Councillors and three incumbents were sworn into office by Justice of the Peace Lynn van de Ven.

This new Council, compromised of Alfred Poirier (District 1), Laurie Cranton (District 2), Bonny MacIsaac (District 3), John MacLennan (District 4), Lynn Chisholm (District 5) and Catherine Gillis (District 6), also elected Inverness County’s new Warden and Deputy Warden.

Councillor Laurie Cranton was elected Warden and Councillor Bonny MacIsaac was elected Deputy Warden. Both Warden Cranton and Deputy Warden MacIsaac were also sworn into their respective offices.

Municipal Council and staff would like to sincerely thank the previous Council for their years of dedication and guidance and look forward to continuing their work.

Inverness County Residents Elect New Council

INVERNESS COUNTY, NS – During the 2020 Municipal Elections, Inverness County residents elected 3 new Councillors and re-elected 1, with 2 other Councillors winning their seats by acclamation. The following Councillors were elected:

District 1:   Alfred Poirier ACCLAIMED

District 2:   Laurie Cranton ACCLAIMED

District 3:   Bonny MacIsaac with 557 votes ELECTED

Gerry Poirier with 217 votes

Jim Mustard with 206 votes

Larry Lariviere with 112 votes

District 4:   John MacLennan with 618 votes ELECTED

Jason Bernard with 265 votes

Christine Dowling with 76 votes

District 5:   Lynn Chisholm with 540 votes ELECTED

Betty Ann MacQuarrie with 394 votes

Thom Oommen with 288 votes

District 6:   Catherine L. Gillis with 737 votes ELECTED

John Dowling with 348 votes

Mary Jess MacDonald with 186 votes

Gerard Gillis with 109 votes

The following candidates were elected as members of the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial School Board:

  • Philippe Haché with 565 votes ELECTED
  • Joeleen Larade with 375 votes ELECTED
  • Leonard LeFort with 341 votes


Important Update for Electors

The Returning Officer for the Municipality of the County of Inverness provided an Amended List of Electors to the candidates running in the 2020 Municipal Election that displayed the birthdates of the Electors. The List of Electors is a confidential list that is not available for inspection or distribution and is to be used solely by the candidates as a reference guide for campaigning. Upon the conclusion of the election all electoral lists and copies are expected to be returned with an affidavit completed by each of the candidates that confirms they deleted or destroyed any electronic and physical copies. Personal information contained in the list of electors is protected under the Municipal Election Act. The use of this list for any other purpose would be considered a corrupt action under the Act.

Like other municipalities in Nova Scotia, the Municipality of the County of Inverness is allowing electronic, telephone and in-person voting. The Municipality has made every effort possible to make voting more accessible during this pandemic in order to ensure the health and safety of residents, staff, candidates, and election support workers.

The Municipality is utilizing phone and e-voting systems that have incorporated a rigid validation process and format to ensure the continued integrity and confidentiality of the voting process. Regardless of the release of the birthdates of electors, the Municipality has a multi-step audit process to validate the identity of the elector.

Voting irregularities are always a concern and using a relatively new method of voting, like e-voting, can heighten those concerns. The staff of the Municipality of the County of Inverness are taking the steps required to identify electors during the e-voting, telephone voting and in-person polling processes.

Fall 2020 Heavy Garbage Schedule

Download the 2020 Heavy Garbage Pickup Schedule by clicking here.