Municipality of the County of Inverness

Municipality Launches Clean Energy Financing Program

Municipality Launches Clean Energy Financing Program

INVERNESS COUNTY, UNAMA’KI –The Municipality of the County of Inverness, in partnership with the Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia, launches the Clean Energy Financing Program. The program offers support towards home energy improvements that will save residents money.

The Clean Energy Financing Program will enable eligible homeowners to access long-term financing to make their homes more energy efficient. Participants in the program will work with the Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia to schedule a Home Energy Assessment with a qualified advisor. The assessment will determine the most appropriate upgrades for the home. These upgrades could include improvements such as new insulation, weather stripping, new windows, heat pumps, and hot water tank recommendations. Once energy upgrades are completed, homeowners will receive a notice of repayment from the Municipality with their property tax bill, and will submit monthly re-payments at a 1.5 percent interest rate for up to 15 years. The Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia team will ensure homeowners have access to all available rebates and incentives for eligible energy efficient upgrades.

“Inverness County is one of two Municipalities in Cape Breton to offer the Clean Energy Financing Program.” said Keith MacDonald, CAO of the Municipality of the County of Inverness. “This program is will make it easier for residents to make home energy improvements by reducing the burden of the up-front costs and enabling residents to make repayments over a longer timeframe.”

Visit to learn more and apply for the program. There is an annual maximum number of participants who can enter the program and as such interested homeowners are encouraged to apply to participate as soon as possible.

For questions, visit or email

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Maura Beaton
Special Projects Facilitator
Municipality of the County of Inverness
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Une municipalité lance un programme de financement de projets écoénergétiques

INVERNESS COUNTY, UNAMA’KI – COMTÉ D’INVERNESS, UNAMA’KI – La Municipalité du comité d’Inverness lance le programme Clean Energy Financing en collaboration avec la Clean Foundation of Nova Scotia. Ce programme offre un moyen de financer les améliorations énergétiques domiciliaires qui permettront aux résidents d’économiser de l’argent.

Le programme Clean Energy Financing donne aux propriétaires admissibles la possibilité d’accéder à des emprunts à long terme pour la réalisation de rénovations qui permettront d’améliorer la performance énergétique de leur maison. Les participants au programme travailleront avec la Clean Foundation pour planifier une évaluation énergétique résidentielle avec un conseiller qualifié. Cette évaluation déterminera les améliorations les plus appropriées pour la maison. Les travaux pourraient comprendre l’installation de nouveaux isolants, de coupe-froid, de nouvelles fenêtres, de thermopompes ainsi que des recommandations sur les réservoirs d’eau chaude. Une fois les travaux d’amélioration énergétique terminés, les propriétaires recevront un avis de remboursement de la part de la municipalité avec leur facture d’impôt foncier, et ils soumettront des remboursements mensuels à un taux d’intérêt de 1,5 % pendant une période maximale de 15 ans. L’équipe de la Clean Foundation veillera à ce que les propriétaires aient accès à tous les rabais et incitatifs disponibles pour les améliorations écoénergétiques admissibles.

« Le comté d’Inverness est l’une des deux municipalités du Cap-Breton à offrir ce programme de financement », a déclaré Keith MacDonald, directeur général de la Municipalité du comté d’Inverness. « Grâce à ce programme, il sera plus facile pour les
résidents d’apporter des améliorations énergétiques à leur domicile, car ils n’auront pas à assumer le fardeau des coûts initiaux et ils pourront rembourser le prêt sur une plus longue période ».

Visitez le site pour en savoir plus et présenter une demande. Le programme accepte un nombre maximal de participants par année; par conséquent, les propriétaires intéressés sont invités à présenter une demande le plus tôt possible.

Pour toute question, consultez le site ou communiquez avec nous par courriel à

Personne-ressource pour les médias :

Maura Beaton
Facilitatice de projets spéciaux
Municipalité du comté d’Inverness
375, rue Main, Port Hood (Nouvelle-Écosse) B0E 2W0

Municipal Offices Closed Monday September 19

September 16, 2022

Municipal Offices Closed Monday September 19

INVERNESS COUNTY, UNAMA’KI – Notice to residents. Municipal Offices and facilities will be closed on Monday, September 19 to observe the provincial holiday in honour of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service.

This follows the Government of Canada declaration of a National Day of Mourning on September 19, 2022, which was recognized by the Government of Nova Scotia.

Curbside collection will not be affected.

Media contact:

Maura Beaton
Special Projects Facilitator
Municipality of the County of Inverness
375 Main Street, Port Hood, NS B0E 2W0

Municipality Launches Public Transportation Engagement

INVERNESS COUNTY, UNAMA’KI – The Municipality of the County of Inverness is inviting
residents to provide input into public transportation in Inverness County through an
interactive website, CBCL, the consultant for the project,
created the website to provide residents with the opportunity to map out their desired
transit routes and stops, and participate in a short survey. The survey is designed for
residents to inform the Municipality how they get around Inverness County – whether it
be by car, bus, taxi, or bike.

The Municipal Public Transportation Review is guided by the vision that sustainable public
transportation contributes to a healthy population, economy, and environment. Public
feedback will help inform recommendations for the future based on public input, travel
trends, and sustainable public transportation practices for rural communities.

“With the public’s help, the Municipality can gather information that will advance public
transportation improvements in partnership with transit operators,” said Keith
MacDonald, CAO of the Municipality of the County of Inverness. “Access to public
transportation for Inverness County residents and businesses is important, now and in
the future.”

Residents can also provide input by visiting Municipal staff in-person at the Cheticamp
farmers market on August 27 and the Mabou Farmers Market on August 28.

Surveys can be filled out until September 17 online at
Paper copies can be picked up at the Municipal Office in Port Hood at 86 High Street or
375 Main Street.

For more information, contact Special Projects at


Media Contact:

Maura Beaton
Special Projects Facilitator
Municipality of the County of Inverness
375 Main Street, Port Hood, NS B0E 2W0

By-Law 13 Update

By-Law 13 has not been revised since August 7th, 2001. Inverness County Council is in the process of reviewing and updating By-Law 13 among others.

Reminder to All Residents


BE IT RESOLVED by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of the County of
Inverness that By-Law 13, Dogs, be repealed and re-enacted as follows:

(1) On or before the 20th day of January in each year, the owner of any dog shall register such dog with the Clerk, shall pay the tax provided therefore by this By-Law and shall obtain from the Clerk a tag for such dog For each neutered male or spayed female dog, the annual tax shall be $10.00. Proof of a neutered male or spayed female shall be provided prior to paying the tax for such a dog.

b) For each dog not neutered or spayed, the annual tax shall be $25.00.
No owner of a dog shall permit the dog to leave the premises of its owner or be at large within the Municipality unless the said dog is on a leash and under the control of someone in charge thereof, and the fact that any dog is permitted to run at large shall constitute an offence against this By-Law.

1. The owner of a dog:
a) Which runs at large contrary to this By-Law:
b) In respect of which the tax imposed by this By-Law is not paid:
c) Persistently disturbs the quiet of the neighborhood by howling, barking or in any other manner; is guilty of an offence against this By-Law whether or not such dog is chained, muzzled or otherwise restrained, and is subject on conviction to the penalty described in Section 27. In a prosecution pursuant to this section, evidence that one person was disturbed is prima facie proof that the quiet of the neighborhood was disturbed.
After one warning has been given to the owner of a dog found running at large contrary to this By-Law, the dog control officer may impound and kill or may kill the dog
on sight.

(3) It shall be the duty of the dog control officer to take and impound any dog found to be at large within the Municipality.

Except as otherwise provided in this By-Law, any person who violates a provision of this By-Law, shall be liable on conviction to a penalty not less than $300.00 and not exceeding $10000.00 dollars and in default of payment, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 60 days.

Christmas Tree for Boston

We are so proud and excited that another beautiful tree from Inverness County, Cape Breton Island has been chosen to be sent to Boston for the 2017 Tree for Boston ceremony. Special thanks to Blues Mills couple Marion and Bob Campbell who have donated their 53 foot white spruce for the occasion. The cutting ceremony in Blues Mills is Wednesday, November 15 at 10:30. The send off from Halifax is Friday, November 17, with tree lighting in Boston scheduled for November 30. Click links below for the whole story.

Congratulations to the community of Judique!

The community of Judique was presented with the Jimmy Norman Community Spirit Award at the opening ceremony of Celtic Colours International Festival on October 6, 2017. The award was presented by Senator Mike MacDonald with Lieutenant Art LeBlanc and Her Honour Patsy LeBlanc. Ken and Isabella Bacon accepted the award on Judique’s behalf.

The Great Trail Day Event: Video and Photos

2017 not only marked the 150th anniversary of Confederation, it’s also the year we reached 100% national connection of the Trans Canada Trail.  Saturday August 26 was a day to celebrate connection and to thank our generous, devoted and fun-loving volunteers, partners and donors for their hard work in connecting The Great Trail across Canada.

Inverness County, Canada’s Musical Coast, hosted community celebrations from Creignish to Inverness to Marble Mountain and communities in between!

Below is a video and photos that highlight just a few of the locations and celebrations that took place.



Inverness County Active Transportation Plan

Your input is needed!

What would improve walking and cycling conditions in Inverness County? A series of open house events will be held the week of November 27 – November 30. The events will be interactive sessions using community maps to explore the details of existing travel routes and gaps in the local network. Each meeting runs between 7:00-9:00 p.m. Feel free to drop in at any time!

Learn More Here