Municipality of the County of Inverness

Municipal Water/Wastewater Operator Recognized with Prestigious Award

PORT HOOD, N.S. – Providing clean, safe drinking water is a critical aspect for protecting public health, and it takes a team of dedicated operations staff to meet water quality standards and regulatory requirements. As a hard-working member of the Municipal team that provides this service, Water/Wastewater Operator Mark Copley has been presented with the Operational Excellence Award for Drinking Water Operations. The accolade, awarded annually by the Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association (MPWWA), was presented to Mr. Copley ‘In Recognition of Dedication to Operational Decision-Making, Assistance to Co-Workers and Community Involvement’.

Municipal Council presented the plaque from the Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association to Mr. Copley during the September 2nd Regular Council Meeting as well as congratulated him on his achievements.

As a Municipal team member since July 2012 and a Senior Water/Wastewater Operator since October 2020, Mr. Copley has been involved with operating water treatment facilities throughout the County in Chéticamp, Inverness, Mabou, Port Hood, Judique, Port Hastings and Whycocomagh. He monitors the operation of all treatment facilities, both on-site and remotely as required to ensure proper operations, performs water quality tests, submits samples to accredited labs as required and works with management to address facility maintenance and treatment needs. His experience and ability to effectively transfer knowledge to other co-workers is invaluable and helps ensure the safety and cleanliness of drinking water across the Municipality. Along with his commitment to his work in service of Inverness County residents, Mr. Copley is also an active volunteer in the community of Inverness.

“[Mr. Copley] regularly provides valuable input with management regarding major decisions related to drinking water facility operations, and he’s a well-liked and valuable citizen throughout the County,” said Alan Benninger, regional representative for the MPWWA. “Operators like Mark work hard behind the scenes in their communities and he is very worthy of this award.”

“Council is proud of the hard work and dedication Mark has shown in his role. This recognition is well-deserved,” said Warden Laurie Cranton.

The MPWWA is an operator-based organization with over 850 members who are dedicated in their efforts to provide the communities they serve with drinking water and wastewater services that are protective of public health and the environment.

Inverness County Remembers Dr. Jim St. Clair

INVERNESS COUNTY, N.S. – Municipality of the County of Inverness staff and Council were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Jim St. Clair of Mull River on May 11, 2021.

Author, teacher and historian, Jim had a life-long enthusiasm for genealogy and family history. Among countless other accomplishments, Jim was the long-time genealogy editor of the Inverness County Participaper, a culture and heritage periodical published by the Municipality. He was also a founding member of the Inverness County Council of the Arts and worked tirelessly to establish culture centres like the Inverness County Centre for the Arts and the Strathspey Performing Arts Centre.

The folks in his part of Cape Breton knew Jim as a dedicated friend, teacher, mentor, and storyteller. Researchers often came to his door looking for information on their ancestors, and found not only the facts, but the story behind the facts. These stories, told in a deep and warm voice, wove together local anecdotes and oral narratives with historical details of time and place, bringing the past alive for all who listened.

Jim’s death is a great loss to all who knew him and to the Municipality as a whole, and he leaves behind him a more knowledgeable and connected Inverness County due to his work. Municipal Council and staff would like to extend sincere sympathies to Dr. Jim’s family and friends.


2021 Heavy Garbage Pickup Schedule

To download and print the schedule, click here: 2021 Heavy Garbage Pickup

Inverness County to Celebrate Volunteers with New Recognition Program

INVERNESS COUNTY, N.S. – The Municipality of the County of Inverness is calling for residents to nominate dedicated volunteers that deserve to be celebrated as part of a new recognition program.

The Municipality is unable to host the Annual Volunteer Awards and Dinner this year due to COVID-19 related public health restrictions. Instead, the Municipality will highlight one volunteer a week through its social media channels, website, and the Participaper. Along with their certificate of recognition, the volunteer of the week will be awarded with a gift certificate from a local Inverness County business of their choice.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to nominate deserving volunteers who have made a significant impact on their community this past year. The early-bird deadline for nominations is February 26th, but nominations are accepted until April 23rd. Names of all early-bird nominees will be put in a draw to have a chance to represent Inverness County at the Provincial Virtual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony on April 26th, 2021.

“This year has seen people go above and beyond in service of others,” said Warden Laurie Cranton. “From helping seniors with groceries, to organizing virtual entertainment events, to maintaining trails and planning recreation activities, and everything in between, volunteers kept us all safe and connected during a global pandemic.”

To nominate someone today, visit or contact Lisa Organ at




By-Law Amendment for the Municipality of the County of Inverness

Please take notice that Council of the  Municipality of the County of Inverness intends to consider and, if deemed advisable, to amend:

By-Law 30: Capital Cost of Sewer and Water

The amendment is to add Section 14 (m), which reads “In the area served by the Inverness Sewer and Water System, namely Silverwood Lane, the frontage rate is hereby set at $47.77 per lineal foot for sewer and water.”

A copy of the proposed by-law amendment can be inspected online by clicking this link or at the office of the
Municipality of the County of Inverness, 375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Written or oral presentations (in favour or opposition) to the by-law amendment can be made before Council at the Public Hearing to be held:

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
1:00 pm in Council Chambers
375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Please also take notice that the Public Hearing will be followed by a regular meeting of Municipal Council  at 1:30 pm on December 3rd, 2020 at the same location. Second Reading of this By-Law will be given at this time.

If you have any further questions, please call 902-787-3500.

NOTICE OF APPLICATION: Port Hood Public Wharf Demolition and Stabilization

Canadian Navigable Waters Act

The Municipality of the County of Inverness hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the Minister of Transport, pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for approval of the work described herein and its site and plans.

Pursuant to paragraph 7(2) of the said Act,

The Municipality of the County of Inverness has deposited with the Minister of Transport, on the on-line Navigable Waters Registry ( and under registry number 2013, or, under the NPP File Number 2020-202851 a description of the following work, its site and plans:

  • Port Hood Public Wharf Demolition and Stabilization

in, on, over, under, through or across the Atlantic Ocean at 82 Water Street, Port Hood, NS at the end of Wharf Road, Port Hood, NS.

Comments regarding the effect of this work on marine navigation can be sent through the Common Project Search site mentioned above under the Comment section (search by the above referenced number) or if you do not have access to the internet, by sending your comments directly to:

Manager, Navigation Protection Program
95 Foundry Street, 6th Floor
P.O. Box 42
Moncton NB
E1C 8K6

However, comments will be considered only if they are in writing (electronic means preferable) and are received not later than 30 days after the publication of the last notice. Although all comments conforming to the above will be considered, no individual response will be sent.

Posted at Port Hood, NS this 13th day of August, 2020

Keith MacDonald, CAO


NOTICE OF (VIRTUAL) PUBLIC HEARING: Proposed Adoption of By-Law for the Municipality of the County of Inverness

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Municipality of the County of Inverness intends to consider adopting the following by-law:

By-Law to Authorize Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election

The Municipality accepted First Reading of the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election on July 9th, 2020.

The motion to adopt the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election will be presented to the Municipal Council for Second and Final Reading at the Regular Municipal Council Meeting, Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at 1:30 pm online.

A copy of the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election can be inspected online by clicking here or at the office of the Municipality of the County of Inverness, 375 Main St., Port Hood, NS.

Written or oral presentations (in favour or opposition) regarding the new By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election

can be made before Council at the Public Hearing to be held:

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

1:00 pm by Zoom Video Conference

375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Since participation in the meeting will be via an online meeting platform

 please call 902-787-3501 prior to August 6th, and you will be issued a link

with directions on how to participate.

Please also take notice that the Public Hearing will be followed by a regular meeting of Municipal Council at 1:30 pm on August 6th, 2020.

If you have any further questions, please call 902-787-3501.

Statement from the Warden to the High School Graduates of 2020

Dear high school graduates of 2020,

I would like to first of all congratulate all Inverness County high school graduates from École NDA, Cape Breton Highlands Academy, Inverness Academy, Dalbrae Academy, Strait Area Education Recreation Centre and We’koma’q Mikmaw School. Your year began with a hurricane unlike any we have seen in Nova Scotia prior to then and ended in a global pandemic that changed the way the world works irrevocably. While these challenges and any others you’ve faced have undoubtedly been difficult to overcome, this new way of educating has molded your character and prepared you for the obstacles you’ll face in the future.

The world is changing and you will change with it, but as long as you take the things you have learned in school and the skills you have learned outside of class, you can build a better, kinder world, like the ones who came before you have done.

I would like to thank the teachers, school support staff, mentors, coaches, parents and guardians for their support, patience and for the lessons they have taught over the years. Every year, the high school graduates’ success is also your success. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

I would also like to thank you, dear graduates. Just as Inverness County has left its mark on you, you have also left your mark on it. Whether it is volunteering with community organizations, sharing your talents on the stage, the ice, the field or elsewhere, working at a local business, or simply spending time with friends and family and spreading kindness, your contributions are valuable. They are part of what make Inverness County a great place to live, and it would not be the same without you.

Dream big. Work hard. Never stop learning. And wherever you go, whichever goals you chase, know that Inverness County is proud of you, and we will always be here to welcome you home when the time comes.

With respect,

Betty Ann MacQuarrie

Warden, Municipality of the County of Inverness

VIDEO: June 18th 2020 Committee of the Whole

This meeting took place June 18th, 2020 at 9:30 am.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call 0:00:00

2. Approval of Agenda 0:02:23

3. Update: Terry Smith, Destination Cape Breton 0:07:03

4. Update: Carla Arsenault and Lynne MacLennan, Cape Breton Partnership 0:37:14

5. Update: CAO Darlene Berthier, Town of Mulgrave 1:10:35

6. Council Roundtable Discussion: Systemic Racism 1:41:20

7. Pride Month Request 1:54:45

8. Municipal Land and Easement Catalogue Project 1:59:16

9. Update: Saint Rose Community Dividend Fund 2:04:11

10. West Bay Road Fire Department Loan Guarantee 2:09:12

11. J Class Roads 2:10:09

12. Community Grants Program 2:42:06

• Inverness Development Association

• Cheticamp Salmon Association

• Recreation Facility Grant Updates

13. Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet By-Law 3:33:23

14. Warden and Deputy Warden Terms of Office Policy 3:41:48

15. Capital Budget 2020-2021 3:51:35

16. Water Utility Operations Budget 2020-2021 (pushed to a later meeting)

17. Staff Reports

a) Department of Finance 5:04:15

b) Department of Tourism and Culture 5:08:22

c) Department of Recreation 5:12:40

d) Special Projects 5:16:10

18. Broadband Project 5:24:40

• Inverness Community Maps

• Cheticamp Community Map

19. Correspondence 5:28:08

• Climate Leadership Course for Elected Officials 5:28:11

• Eastern District Planning Commission: May 2020 statistics 5:29:29

• Margaree Seniors’ Club 5:30:38

• Dalbrae Academy Graduation Celebration 5:33:16

20. Next Meeting Date 5:49:01

21. “In Camera”

22. Adjournment

VIDEO: June 4th 2020 Regular Council Meeting

This meeting took place June 4th, 2020 at 1:30 pm.   

1. Call to Order & Roll Call at 0:00:00

2. Approval of Agenda at 0:02:12

3. Approval of Minutes at 0:06:30

a. Regular Council Minutes, May 7th, 2020

b. Committee of the Whole Minutes, May 21st, 2020

c. Special Budget Minutes, May 28th, 2020

4. Business Arising at 0:09:17

5. Presentation: Paul Poirier, Cheticamp Ground Search and Rescue at 0:09:44

6. Application for Rezoning at 0:21:55

7. Update: Dernie Gills; 2020 Municipal Elections Returning Officer at 0:25:40

8. Recommendations

8.1 Road Name Change at 0:59:25

8.2 Nova Scotia Municipal Elections Date at 1:00:50

8.3 Inverness County Homes: Small Options Homes at 1:03:35

8.4 Community Grants: Glendale & Area Community Cooperative Limited at 1:05:55

8.5 Duplicate Account: Request for Write-Off at 1:07:22

8.6 Repairs to Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester at 1:08:49

9. Update: Old Port Hood Government Wharf at 1:11:26

10. 2020-2021 Operations Budget at 1:14:05

11.Correspondence at 1:59:49 (Letters of Support, Acadian Communications and Bell Aliant at 2:06:09)

12. Next Meeting Date at 2:13:11

13. “In Camera”

14. Adjournment