Municipality of the County of Inverness
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NOTICE OF APPLICATION: Port Hood Public Wharf Demolition and Stabilization

Canadian Navigable Waters Act

The Municipality of the County of Inverness hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the Minister of Transport, pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for approval of the work described herein and its site and plans.

Pursuant to paragraph 7(2) of the said Act,

The Municipality of the County of Inverness has deposited with the Minister of Transport, on the on-line Navigable Waters Registry ( and under registry number 2013, or, under the NPP File Number 2020-202851 a description of the following work, its site and plans:

  • Port Hood Public Wharf Demolition and Stabilization

in, on, over, under, through or across the Atlantic Ocean at 82 Water Street, Port Hood, NS at the end of Wharf Road, Port Hood, NS.

Comments regarding the effect of this work on marine navigation can be sent through the Common Project Search site mentioned above under the Comment section (search by the above referenced number) or if you do not have access to the internet, by sending your comments directly to:

Manager, Navigation Protection Program
95 Foundry Street, 6th Floor
P.O. Box 42
Moncton NB
E1C 8K6

However, comments will be considered only if they are in writing (electronic means preferable) and are received not later than 30 days after the publication of the last notice. Although all comments conforming to the above will be considered, no individual response will be sent.

Posted at Port Hood, NS this 13th day of August, 2020

Keith MacDonald, CAO


NOTICE OF (VIRTUAL) PUBLIC HEARING: Proposed Adoption of By-Law for the Municipality of the County of Inverness

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the Municipality of the County of Inverness intends to consider adopting the following by-law:

By-Law to Authorize Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election

The Municipality accepted First Reading of the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election on July 9th, 2020.

The motion to adopt the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election will be presented to the Municipal Council for Second and Final Reading at the Regular Municipal Council Meeting, Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at 1:30 pm online.

A copy of the By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election can be inspected online by clicking here or at the office of the Municipality of the County of Inverness, 375 Main St., Port Hood, NS.

Written or oral presentations (in favour or opposition) regarding the new By-Law to Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet for the 2020 Municipal Election

can be made before Council at the Public Hearing to be held:

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

1:00 pm by Zoom Video Conference

375 Main St., Port Hood, NS

Since participation in the meeting will be via an online meeting platform

 please call 902-787-3501 prior to August 6th, and you will be issued a link

with directions on how to participate.

Please also take notice that the Public Hearing will be followed by a regular meeting of Municipal Council at 1:30 pm on August 6th, 2020.

If you have any further questions, please call 902-787-3501.

Statement from the Warden to the High School Graduates of 2020

Dear high school graduates of 2020,

I would like to first of all congratulate all Inverness County high school graduates from École NDA, Cape Breton Highlands Academy, Inverness Academy, Dalbrae Academy, Strait Area Education Recreation Centre and We’koma’q Mikmaw School. Your year began with a hurricane unlike any we have seen in Nova Scotia prior to then and ended in a global pandemic that changed the way the world works irrevocably. While these challenges and any others you’ve faced have undoubtedly been difficult to overcome, this new way of educating has molded your character and prepared you for the obstacles you’ll face in the future.

The world is changing and you will change with it, but as long as you take the things you have learned in school and the skills you have learned outside of class, you can build a better, kinder world, like the ones who came before you have done.

I would like to thank the teachers, school support staff, mentors, coaches, parents and guardians for their support, patience and for the lessons they have taught over the years. Every year, the high school graduates’ success is also your success. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

I would also like to thank you, dear graduates. Just as Inverness County has left its mark on you, you have also left your mark on it. Whether it is volunteering with community organizations, sharing your talents on the stage, the ice, the field or elsewhere, working at a local business, or simply spending time with friends and family and spreading kindness, your contributions are valuable. They are part of what make Inverness County a great place to live, and it would not be the same without you.

Dream big. Work hard. Never stop learning. And wherever you go, whichever goals you chase, know that Inverness County is proud of you, and we will always be here to welcome you home when the time comes.

With respect,

Betty Ann MacQuarrie

Warden, Municipality of the County of Inverness

VIDEO: June 18th 2020 Committee of the Whole

This meeting took place June 18th, 2020 at 9:30 am.

1. Call to Order and Roll Call 0:00:00

2. Approval of Agenda 0:02:23

3. Update: Terry Smith, Destination Cape Breton 0:07:03

4. Update: Carla Arsenault and Lynne MacLennan, Cape Breton Partnership 0:37:14

5. Update: CAO Darlene Berthier, Town of Mulgrave 1:10:35

6. Council Roundtable Discussion: Systemic Racism 1:41:20

7. Pride Month Request 1:54:45

8. Municipal Land and Easement Catalogue Project 1:59:16

9. Update: Saint Rose Community Dividend Fund 2:04:11

10. West Bay Road Fire Department Loan Guarantee 2:09:12

11. J Class Roads 2:10:09

12. Community Grants Program 2:42:06

• Inverness Development Association

• Cheticamp Salmon Association

• Recreation Facility Grant Updates

13. Authorize the Voting by Telephone and Internet By-Law 3:33:23

14. Warden and Deputy Warden Terms of Office Policy 3:41:48

15. Capital Budget 2020-2021 3:51:35

16. Water Utility Operations Budget 2020-2021 (pushed to a later meeting)

17. Staff Reports

a) Department of Finance 5:04:15

b) Department of Tourism and Culture 5:08:22

c) Department of Recreation 5:12:40

d) Special Projects 5:16:10

18. Broadband Project 5:24:40

• Inverness Community Maps

• Cheticamp Community Map

19. Correspondence 5:28:08

• Climate Leadership Course for Elected Officials 5:28:11

• Eastern District Planning Commission: May 2020 statistics 5:29:29

• Margaree Seniors’ Club 5:30:38

• Dalbrae Academy Graduation Celebration 5:33:16

20. Next Meeting Date 5:49:01

21. “In Camera”

22. Adjournment

VIDEO: June 4th 2020 Regular Council Meeting

This meeting took place June 4th, 2020 at 1:30 pm.   

1. Call to Order & Roll Call at 0:00:00

2. Approval of Agenda at 0:02:12

3. Approval of Minutes at 0:06:30

a. Regular Council Minutes, May 7th, 2020

b. Committee of the Whole Minutes, May 21st, 2020

c. Special Budget Minutes, May 28th, 2020

4. Business Arising at 0:09:17

5. Presentation: Paul Poirier, Cheticamp Ground Search and Rescue at 0:09:44

6. Application for Rezoning at 0:21:55

7. Update: Dernie Gills; 2020 Municipal Elections Returning Officer at 0:25:40

8. Recommendations

8.1 Road Name Change at 0:59:25

8.2 Nova Scotia Municipal Elections Date at 1:00:50

8.3 Inverness County Homes: Small Options Homes at 1:03:35

8.4 Community Grants: Glendale & Area Community Cooperative Limited at 1:05:55

8.5 Duplicate Account: Request for Write-Off at 1:07:22

8.6 Repairs to Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester at 1:08:49

9. Update: Old Port Hood Government Wharf at 1:11:26

10. 2020-2021 Operations Budget at 1:14:05

11.Correspondence at 1:59:49 (Letters of Support, Acadian Communications and Bell Aliant at 2:06:09)

12. Next Meeting Date at 2:13:11

13. “In Camera”

14. Adjournment

Municipal Partners to Begin Inverness Growth Strategy Study and Engagement Actions

INVERNESS, N.S. – The Municipality of the County of Inverness in partnership with Develop Nova Scotia and UPLAND Planning + Design Studio are beginning the community of Inverness Growth Management Strategy Study, with a first round of stakeholder and public engagement over the coming weeks. This includes the launch of a new portal on the Municipal website that leads to more information as well as an interactive tool to help residents provide input. There will also be targeted engagement sessions with key stakeholders within the community of Inverness, conducted over the phone or online to ensure the health and safety of both participants and facilitators.

The Growth Management Strategy will only be useful if it reflects the desires and priorities of the community. The Municipality of the County of Inverness is looking to stakeholders and citizens in order to fill specific information gaps related to growth potential, find out how changes might affect members of the community, identify opportunities for collaboration and ensure that the final Strategy focuses on real community benefits.

“The purpose of the Growth Management Strategy is to encourage growth that will benefit everyone in the community over the next few decades,” says Keith MacDonald, CAO of the Municipality of the County of Inverness. “This means the Municipality and its partners must take into account the needs and desires of current residents including youth, newcomers and potential future residents, as well as businesses and non-profit organizations that do important work in the community of Inverness.”

Boasting two of the world’s top golf courses with a third slated to open in the near future, Inverness has become a key destination in the country and the world for golfers. As such, the community has subsequently seen economic growth and investment, as well as significant infrastructure pressures and challenges. 

Due to these challenges, the Municipality is taking the necessary steps to plan and prepare for a more sustainable future with regards to the community of Inverness’ growth, infrastructure and the quality of services delivered to residents. Complementing the Inverness Growth Management Strategy, other goals include increasing Municipal capacity to treat and manage wastewater, enable compliance with Federal and Provincial standards and ensure continued access to potable water,  allowing the Municipality to sustain and encourage residential and commercial growth while improving livability for community residents.

“This concept of livability is the core of these goals and the Inverness Growth Management Strategy,” says MacDonald. “The Municipality and its partners are hard at work so that the community of Inverness will be a great place to live and grow for years and years to come. This is an exciting project that will be replicated in communities throughout Inverness County.”

“Building places for people is at the heart of what we do. When we build places with community, we not only build authentic destinations that people love, we also build community,” says Jennifer Angel, CEO, Develop Nova Scotia.  “We look forward to working with our terrific partners and the people of Inverness, to build on the strengths of the region, to come up with some smart solutions, and to shape the future growth and sustainability of Inverness for everyone.”

Work will continue throughout Spring, Summer and Fall 2020. The Inverness Growth Management Strategy web portal can be found at

UPLAND Planning + Design Studio is an award-winning collaborative team of landscape architects, planners and engagement specialists. Their understanding of rural Cape Breton communities, the impacts of a seasonal workforce on an area and the changing nature of coastal villages will be indispensable in the development of the Inverness Growth Strategy Plan. They have partnered with CBCL Limited, experts in environmental services and infrastructure, and Turner Drake, which boasts decades of experience in real estate solution planning and land-use management. The Municipality is confident that together, this team will design a plan for the future growth of the community of Inverness that will prioritize the values and interests of residents as well as the needs of visitors.

Develop Nova Scotia is a provincial crown corporation, working closely with communities and partners to build on the province’s natural assets. They aid in the development of strategic economic infrastructure to support inclusive economic growth and work with communities and partners to make Nova Scotia an incredible place to live, work, invest and visit. For more information, visit

Inverness, Nova Scotia is a coastal community with kilometres of beautiful shoreline, two of the world’s top critically-acclaimed golf courses with a third to open soon, hard-working and kind residents, and a plethora of recreational, cultural and social engagement opportunities. It is one of many vibrant villages within the Municipality of the County of Inverness.


Media contacts:

Karolyn Aucoin

Communications & Community Engagement Specialist

Municipality of the County of Inverness


Erica Brook

Engagement Manager

UPLAND Planning + Design Studio

Kelly Rose

Senior Communications Manager 

Develop Nova Scotia



Inverary Manor: Resident – Family “Court Yard” Visits

Resident – Family “Court Yard” Visits

On behalf of all employees at Inverary Manor, I want express our sincere thanks to families and friends of our Residents and to our community for your unwavering support.  The last 10 weeks have been especially challenging.  Visitation restrictions and social distancing guidelines, while necessary, have been an unnatural intrusion into the daily flow of life.  While Skype, Facetime and Zoom have helped us stay connected with loved ones, they are no replacement for in-person contact.  Unfortunately Inverary Manor, like all LTC Homes, is not yet in a position to welcome family and friends back into our building.  We do, however, want to create a way for in-person visits to happen, especially with the warmer weather upon us.  So, we are introducing “Court Yard” visits for family and friends who wish to be with a loved one at Inverary Manor.

Court Yard visits will be available 7 days a week, each afternoon.   Family and friends can now contact the Villa where their loved one lives and arrange a date and time to have an in-person visit.  Our staff will offer designated times to book a visit.  Family and Friends who have loved ones living in our Sunrise, Highlands, Harbour Lights and Sea Breeze Villas can visit with their loved one by coming to the gate in the respective Court Yard.  For those who have a loved one living in Mountain View and Ocean View Villas, in-person visits will happen in a designated area near our Main Entrance door.

To help us ensure the success of Court Yard visits, while maintaining the safety and care of our Residents, we ask your support to respect the following guidelines:

Court Yard Visits:   

  • Booking a Visit: Family Members are invited to book a Court Yard visit with a Resident in the afternoon. To book a visit, simply call the Villa and our staff will make arrangements.   For best results and to reserve a time, we recommend you contact us a day or two in advance.
  • Visitors & Social Distancing: We have an obligation to ensure anyone who enters our property (including outside our building) respects the social distancing and 5 person gathering rules as outlined by the Chief Medical Officer. It can become difficult to maintain with the intersecting of families who are arriving for and/or departing from Court Yard visits.  For this reason we ask families to keep their visit party to a maximum of 2 people per visit.
  • Visit Duration: We want to accommodate as many family visits as possible each day and ensure each visit runs smoothly and is a good experience for Residents and Family. For this reason we ask family to keep your visit to 15-20 minutes.
  • Visit Frequency: It is our desire to create the opportunity for every resident to have a visit from family/friends at least once a week.  We therefore ask family to maintain their visit frequency to once per week.

Once again I solicit your understanding and support as we endeavor to create a sense of normalcy for Residents, their families and friends in these uncertain times.

Kindest regards,

Stephen Doiron, Administrator  

Important Recycling/Blue Bag Update / Mise à jour importante sur le recyclage et les sacs bleus

To ensure the safety of employees and to remain compliant with provincial public health recommendations during the pandemic, the Municipality of the County of Inverness has temporarily closed the Strathlorne Recycling Facility.

While the depot will remain closed to the public, residents now have two options for recyclables/blue bags:

1. You can continue to put out your recyclables/blue bags for collection. However, those blue bags will no longer go to Strathlorne to be sorted and separated for recycling. For now, all blue bags will be stored at the Strathlorne Recycling Facility.
2. You can also choose to store recyclables/blue bags until Municipal operations return to normal. If you can safely store recyclables, the Municipality asks that you slowly release your materials over several weeks when the Recycling Facility reopens.

The Municipality shares the concern of residents for both the environment as well as the ongoing health of the communities of Inverness County and looks forward to resuming regular operations when it is possible to do so in a safe manner. Please remember to sort and thoroughly clean all recyclables before placing them in bags.

For any questions, please call 902-787-3503.

Pour assurer la sécurité des employés et pour rester conforme aux recommandations provinciales en matière de santé publique pendant la pandémie, la Municipalité du comté d’Inverness a temporairement fermé le centre de recyclage de Strathlorne.

Bien que le dépôt reste fermé au public, les résidents ont désormais deux options pour les produits recyclables et les sacs bleus :

1. Vous pouvez continuer à déposer vos matières recyclables et vos sacs bleus pour la collecte. Toutefois, ces sacs bleus n’iront plus à Strathlorne pour être triés et séparés en vue de leur recyclage. Pour l’instant, tous les sacs bleus seront stockés au centre de recyclage de Strathlorne.
2. Vous pouvez également choisir de stocker les produits recyclables et les sacs bleus chez vous jusqu’à ce que les activités municipales reprennent. Si vous pouvez stocker les matières recyclables en toute sécurité, la Municipalité vous demande de libérer lentement vos matériaux sur plusieurs semaines lorsque le centre de recyclage rouvrira.

La Municipalité partage les préoccupations des résidents tant pour l’environnement que pour la santé des communautés du comté d’Inverness et reprendra ses activités régulières aussitôt qu’il sera possible de le faire en toute sécurité. N’oubliez pas de trier et de nettoyer soigneusement toutes les matières recyclables avant de les mettre dans les sacs.

Pour toute question, veuillez appeler le 902-787-3503.

Notice to All Residents: Heavy Garbage Update / Avis à tous les résidents: Mise-à-jour pour collection d’objets lourds

Spring Heavy Garbage Pickup is postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial State of Emergency and to protect the health and safety of Municipal staff. The Municipality deeply apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks residents for their understanding. Residents are urged to store material until a Heavy Garbage Pickup can be organized. Please monitor the Municipality’s website at for ongoing updates.

Residents are reminded to follow all directives enacted by the province regarding self-isolation and hygiene:

La collection des objets lourds du printemps est reportée jusqu’à nouvel ordre en raison de la pandémie COVID-19, de l’état d’urgence provincial et pour protéger la santé et la sécurité du personnel municipal. La Municipalité présente ses excuses sincères pour l’inconvénient et remercie les résidents pour leur compréhension. Les résidents sont priés de stocker le matériel jusqu’à ce qu’une collection d’objets lourds puisse être organisée. Veuillez consulter le site web de la municipalité à pour des mises à jour régulières.

Il est rappelé aux résidents de suivre toutes les directives édictées par la province concernant l’auto-isolement et l’hygiène :

Municipality Awards Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant System Assessment Report and Pre-Design Study

INVERNESS, NS — The Municipality of the County of Inverness has awarded the tender for the Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant, System Assessment Report and Pre-Design Study to R.V. Anderson Associates Limited. The Request for Proposals sought out certified engineering services to complete a full system assessment, environmental risk assessment, as well as complete a pre-design study that includes noise and odour control and increased wastewater treatment capacity.

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited has been engaged in the provision of professional engineering, architecture, operations, and management services since 1948. They have offices in Moncton, Fredericton, London and Toronto and have been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. For the purposes of this work R.V. Anderson Associates Limited is partnering with Meco Engineering, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Together their commitment to health and safety as well as their vast experience and leadership in wastewater infrastructure projects will ensure that a future wastewater treatment plant in the community of Inverness will meet the current needs of the community while also allowing for continued commercial and residential growth.