Municipality of the County of Inverness

Dear Resident Families, Friends and Visitors to Inverary Manor

An open letter to Resident Families, Friends and Visitors to Inverary Manor   

November 18th, 2020

COVID-19 Cases in Central Zone (Halifax NS)

We have been closely following the recent rise in COVID-19 cases reported in the Halifax/Dartmouth area (Central Zone).   As we track this on-going situation, we continue to take guidance from Dr. Strang and the Public Health Office.  At this time we are not introducing any additional restrictions for visitors or staff at Inverary Manor.  Having re-introduced visitors to Inverary Manor and welcomed you back into our Home only several weeks ago, we do not desire to restrict access again, unless deemed necessary.

We are now receiving 95 visitors each week at Inverary Manor.  Our residents have benefited greatly from in-person contact with family and friends and all have enjoyed the opportunity to renew these important relationships.  As we approach the Christmas Holiday period, we want to ensure residents and family will continue to have access to in-person visits during this special time of year.

We are therefore soliciting the support of family, friends and the community at large to partner with us in being hyper vigilant during this time of year, especially visitors to Inverary Manor who may live in the Halifax area or who may be contemplating a trip to the Halifax area. You can help us keep our Home free of COVID-19 and our residents and staff safe from the COVID Virus by taking the following precautions in your community:

  • Wear a Mask when out in public places, especially indoor spaces
  • Practice Physical/Social Distancing (6 feet)
  • Wash Hands/Use Hand Sanitizer frequently. It’s a good idea to carry hand sanitizer or wipes with you when you go out in public spaces.  (Consider keeping both with you and/or in your vehicle and use after each interaction in a public place).
  • Avoid/Minimize close contact with anyone (outside your work) who is not in your “10 Person Bubble”.
  • Be aware of “Covid-19 Hot Spots” in Halifax/Dartmouth (if living or travelling there) and make every effort to avoid those areas or minimize contact in those areas.
  • Avoid close contact with friends whose activities and behavior may inadvertently increase their risks of becoming exposed to the COVID-19 Virus. (For example: a friend who has attended several large gatherings or does not regularly wear a mask).
  • Plan your Christmas/Holiday activities and celebrations so to minimize the number of people with whom you will have close in-person contact.

I want to take this opportunity to thank visitors to Inverary Manor for your adherence to the restrictions and guidelines and for making a positive difference in the lives of our residents and staff.  Together, we have worked diligently to avoid the impact of a COVID-19 outbreak at Inverary Manor.  We will need to continue our efforts for the next few months, to ensure we are not impacted by a “Second Wave”.  It will require our collective focus to be successful.   There is good news on the horizon; with the recent announcements of successful vaccine trials….so the light is now shining in the tunnel ….. Even though the end of the tunnel is not yet visible!


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