Municipality of the County of Inverness

Port Hood Water Conservation Advisory


Port Hood Water Reservoir at a Critical Level

The Port Hood Water Reservoir is at a critically low level. Unless serious conservation efforts are taken in earnest by residents and businesses within the serviced area, Municipal staff estimate that the community will be out of water within approximately 4 to 5 days.

The two water production wells in Port Hood are no longer able to produce sufficient water to meet the current daily demand. Municipal staff and contractors have been and continue to work on the installation of an additional new water production well in Port Hood to increase overall water production to exceed demand. Unfortunately a number of water leaks, including a significant water main leak yesterday, have impacted the level of the reservoir, which is now below the level required for fire protection.

The Port Hood Volunteer Fire Department has been informed and the Fire Chief is connecting with both the Judique and Mabou Volunteer Fire Departments so that emergency response is coordinated, should it be required. Work towards the additional new production well is ongoing and the community will be updated on progress in the coming days.

To conserve water, please:
– Take shorter showers and no baths;
– Do not water your lawn or gardens;
– Do not let your faucet run when washing or rinsing;
– Avoid washing clothes as much as possible;
– Keep a bottle of water in the fridge to avoid letting water run to obtain a cold drink;
– Flush your toilet less often.

Please share widely and inform visitors of the water conservation advisory.

The Municipality appreciates your continued cooperation in this matter.

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