Municipality of the County of Inverness

Statement from the Warden to the High School Graduates of 2020

Dear high school graduates of 2020,

I would like to first of all congratulate all Inverness County high school graduates from École NDA, Cape Breton Highlands Academy, Inverness Academy, Dalbrae Academy, Strait Area Education Recreation Centre and We’koma’q Mikmaw School. Your year began with a hurricane unlike any we have seen in Nova Scotia prior to then and ended in a global pandemic that changed the way the world works irrevocably. While these challenges and any others you’ve faced have undoubtedly been difficult to overcome, this new way of educating has molded your character and prepared you for the obstacles you’ll face in the future.

The world is changing and you will change with it, but as long as you take the things you have learned in school and the skills you have learned outside of class, you can build a better, kinder world, like the ones who came before you have done.

I would like to thank the teachers, school support staff, mentors, coaches, parents and guardians for their support, patience and for the lessons they have taught over the years. Every year, the high school graduates’ success is also your success. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

I would also like to thank you, dear graduates. Just as Inverness County has left its mark on you, you have also left your mark on it. Whether it is volunteering with community organizations, sharing your talents on the stage, the ice, the field or elsewhere, working at a local business, or simply spending time with friends and family and spreading kindness, your contributions are valuable. They are part of what make Inverness County a great place to live, and it would not be the same without you.

Dream big. Work hard. Never stop learning. And wherever you go, whichever goals you chase, know that Inverness County is proud of you, and we will always be here to welcome you home when the time comes.

With respect,

Betty Ann MacQuarrie

Warden, Municipality of the County of Inverness

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