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Inverary Manor: Resident – Family “Court Yard” Visits

Resident – Family “Court Yard” Visits

On behalf of all employees at Inverary Manor, I want express our sincere thanks to families and friends of our Residents and to our community for your unwavering support.  The last 10 weeks have been especially challenging.  Visitation restrictions and social distancing guidelines, while necessary, have been an unnatural intrusion into the daily flow of life.  While Skype, Facetime and Zoom have helped us stay connected with loved ones, they are no replacement for in-person contact.  Unfortunately Inverary Manor, like all LTC Homes, is not yet in a position to welcome family and friends back into our building.  We do, however, want to create a way for in-person visits to happen, especially with the warmer weather upon us.  So, we are introducing “Court Yard” visits for family and friends who wish to be with a loved one at Inverary Manor.

Court Yard visits will be available 7 days a week, each afternoon.   Family and friends can now contact the Villa where their loved one lives and arrange a date and time to have an in-person visit.  Our staff will offer designated times to book a visit.  Family and Friends who have loved ones living in our Sunrise, Highlands, Harbour Lights and Sea Breeze Villas can visit with their loved one by coming to the gate in the respective Court Yard.  For those who have a loved one living in Mountain View and Ocean View Villas, in-person visits will happen in a designated area near our Main Entrance door.

To help us ensure the success of Court Yard visits, while maintaining the safety and care of our Residents, we ask your support to respect the following guidelines:

Court Yard Visits:   

  • Booking a Visit: Family Members are invited to book a Court Yard visit with a Resident in the afternoon. To book a visit, simply call the Villa and our staff will make arrangements.   For best results and to reserve a time, we recommend you contact us a day or two in advance.
  • Visitors & Social Distancing: We have an obligation to ensure anyone who enters our property (including outside our building) respects the social distancing and 5 person gathering rules as outlined by the Chief Medical Officer. It can become difficult to maintain with the intersecting of families who are arriving for and/or departing from Court Yard visits.  For this reason we ask families to keep their visit party to a maximum of 2 people per visit.
  • Visit Duration: We want to accommodate as many family visits as possible each day and ensure each visit runs smoothly and is a good experience for Residents and Family. For this reason we ask family to keep your visit to 15-20 minutes.
  • Visit Frequency: It is our desire to create the opportunity for every resident to have a visit from family/friends at least once a week.  We therefore ask family to maintain their visit frequency to once per week.

Once again I solicit your understanding and support as we endeavor to create a sense of normalcy for Residents, their families and friends in these uncertain times.

Kindest regards,

Stephen Doiron, Administrator  

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