Municipality of the County of Inverness

Storm Preparation Guidelines

When winter weather hits, it is always best to be overprepared rather than underprepared. To this end, the Municipality of the County of Inverness has prepared a downloadable and printable storm preparation checklist for residents.  Download it here: Printable Storm Checklist

Storm Preparation Guidelines

Before the storm

  • Test your generator to make sure it works and have a supply of fuel ready.
  • Prepare non-perishable food such as sandwiches, granola bars, and fruit. Make sure you have a supply of drinking water appropriate for the size of your family, as well as baby formula and diapers if necessary.
  • If you are on a well, fill your bathtub with water so that you have a source of water if the power goes out.
  • If you are using a generator that is hardwired into your home, make sure that you isolate your home from the power grid.
  • Charge your devices, flashlights and radios.
  • Secure any outdoor furniture or loose debris.
  • If you are using a generator, make sure that it remains in a well-ventilated area OUTSIDE your home.
  • Help friends and neighbours prepare similarly if necessary.
  • Remember, it is always better to be overprepared than underprepared!

During the storm

  • For the duration of the storm, it is important for people to follow instructions from their local government, fire department and emergency services.
  • Stay off the roads and keep vehicles off the streets so that snowplows can clear roads as soon as possible.
  • If you heat your home with a pellet stove, propane, or natural gas, and you have a direct exhaust system for your furnace, make sure the air inlet and exhaust outlet remain clear of snow.
  • Under no circumstances should you attempt to heat your house or cook inside with a BBQ or camp stove. These devices produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
  • If power goes out and you are using candles to light your house, makes sure that candles aren’t left unattended.
  • If power goes out, conserve water diligently, especially if you are a user of a Municipal water system.
  • If power goes out, make sure you turn off any appliances you had on when the power went out. Confirm your stove/oven is off.
  • If power goes out, close off any rooms that aren’t being used in order to conserve heat in your home.
  • If the power goes out, you can help yourself stay warm by avoiding alcohol and making sure you keep your body fueled by eating snacks and meals regularly.
  • For emergencies, call 9-1-1 and do not attempt to drive yourself to a hospital or health centre.

After the storm

  • If the power is still out, users of Municipal water systems must conserve water diligently.
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Even if you think you recognize the line as a telephone or cable line, it could still be energized.
  • When the snow stops, and you start to dig out, remember not to overexert yourself. Take frequent breaks, remain hydrated, and if you don’t feel well, stop!
  • When it is safe to do so, check the snow load on the roof of your house, garage, shed or barn.
  • Most importantly, check in with friends, family and neighbours to let them know you are okay.


Emergency contacts

In an emergency, call 9-1-1

Fire chiefs

Lake Ainslie Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Mike Gillis 902-224-0147


Port Hastings Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: James Cavanagh H: 902-625-0110

C: 902-302-1751


Margaree Forks Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Robert MacLeod 902-248-2115


West Bay Road Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Daniel Shaw H: 902-345-2235

C: 902-623-2469


Port Hood Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Donald Francis Beaton H: 902-787-2845

C: 902-631-1078


Valley Mills Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Justin Usher 902-574-7504


Mabou Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Lloyd Campbell 902-945-2957


North East Margaree Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Shawn Burchell 902-248-2589


Judique Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Archie MacDonald H: 902-787-2537

C: 902-787-3401


Brigade de feu de Chéticamp Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Wayne Chiasson 902-224-0031


Blues Mills Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Carl Ferguson 902-756-2195


Inverness Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Ian Poirier 902-258-5450


Brigade de feu de LeMoine Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Alfred Aucoin H: 902-224-3529

C: 902-224-0044


Pleasant Bay Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Murray Pattingale 902-224-1239


Whycocomagh Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Shawn Harrison H: 902-945-2677

C: 902-623-2905


Waycobah Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: John William Cremo 902-623-1850

Inverness County RCMP Detachments

Chéticamp Office


Toll Free 1-800-440-1323

Inverness Office


Toll Free 1-800-440-1323

Waycobah Office


Toll Free 1-800-440-1323

Port Hawkesbury Office


Toll Free 1-800-440-1323

Other Important Numbers

Emergency Municipal Hotline


Emergency Measures Organization

(Dispatches local coordinator – 24 hrs/day)


Environmental Emergencies (24 hrs/day)


Aircraft & Marine Distress (24 hrs/day)


Poison Control (24 hrs/day)



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